Who is MIP?

Over 40 years of experience

Our History

Founded in Canada in 1977, we’ve been building our business and our clients’ businesses for more than 40 years. With operations in Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States and now India, as well as warehouses located across North America and Europe, we make sure our clients receive the products they need, where and when they need them.

We provide comfort and efficiency for the healthcare community, but most importantly, for its people. It’s all part of our core belief that real, vital impact stems from the seamless integration of both the scientific side of healing and the human side of providing care.

From acute and long-term care to in-home and healthcare facilities, we offer targeted solutions to support both care recipients and caregivers.


Our Philosophy

At MIP, we believe in quality of life without compromise. That even the smallest improvements can hold the greatest importance. And when it comes to health, no detail is too small.

Because we understand that the way a person feels can dictate the way in which they heal. And that healthcare is about more than operations and prescriptions. It’s also about  providing dignity and compassion.

As global suppliers of comfort and efficiency, we strive to enable a healthcare industry focused on caregiving. And for every product to be designed with people in mind.

MIP. The softer side of healthcare.